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Sound design, edit and mix, ADR, foley and other custom sounds for film & TV. Helsinki - Finland

We are a team of creative and skilled sound post production professionals who specialize in feature films and tv series. We have earned the trust and respect of many leading Finnish filmmakers with our friendly approach, timely delivery and high-quality work.

We can offer a complete sound package, from sound editing, foley, ADR and mixing for home entertainment - with Dolby Atmos capabilities - to cinema mixes in collaboration with the best mix stages in Finland or abroad.

We also have extensive experience in working with international and co-production projects, using the latest remote workflows to keep you in the loop, no matter where you are.

We take content security seriously and can adjust our workflow and practices to meet different standards and requirements.

Sound design and edit

We can craft any soundscape for your project using our original recordings and the best sound effects libraries available. And if the perfect sound doesn’t exist yet, we will record it.

We utilize the latest tools to make most your original dialogue recordings. AI and neural networks have revolutionized the possibilities of noise reduction, and we keep up with the latest innovations.


We have a soundproofed and acoustically treated room where we can record dialogue that matches the quality and tone of the original production recordings. We can also offer online sessions for remote clients.


All foley is recorded in our own studio - and sometimes at special locations. As a vital part of the soundtrack, foley receives special attention in our work.


We love mixing, where all the elements are put together, and true creative choices can be made. We have a Dolby Atmos -enabled room with 7.1.4 monitoring where we can produce Atmos mixes for home entertainment and prepare feature film mixes before moving to a larger mixing stage.


We can create any version of the sound mix that you need. We can handle any loudness standard, frame rate or channel count, as well as stems and m&e’s. Just tell us what your requirements are.

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Vanha Talvitie 19 B,
00580 Helsinki, Finland


+358 40 565 4937